Why beeklans is the dream service you where forever searching for?

Why beeklans is the dream service you where forever searching for?

Beeklans service and solutions was founded with one purpose that is delivering services to disgruntled users with damaged screen,its founders decided to set an ambitious company to assist in the unstable fluctuas repair industry, especially the exuberant south African market.

The gab between the the fix and price.

It is a well known fact that by this piece of research founded by beeklans,through precise analysis and interpretation of the market, it’s true to say that it’s actually a sad feeling when you accidentally broke your screen display (LCD) and realising how much it cost just to fix a gadget like a cell phone,which drops almost 40% after purchase on retail stores outlets and that if it’s specially high end premium phones.

It is well known fact that smartphones roll out per annum,with a forecast of predicted market cap saturation which saw the world’s growth slowing to a mere 1.2% growth,but the south African one saw a great deal of 7.2% growth of sales in 2018.

South Africans love their smartphones,whether premium, medium spec or just low medium entry level phones, from a price range of R3000-1500 in which dominates the market with Samsung holding the market share,followed by Huawei and various brands in which saturate the market with customers settling for cheap entries with a hypothesis of,”if this phone breaks I’ll buy a new one,cause it’s not worth the effort to fix it”, and by this saw in recent years the drop in cell phone repair industry.

It’s actually frustrating that a phone bought at R5000 drops almost 40% in value and yet in accidental crack of a screen without insurance or warranty,the repair could cost two-thirds of the drop in value which means customers may find themselves paying R1200-2300 rands to fix the smartphone.

Accidents happen all the time and for many south Africans with the cost of living already high insuring a cellphone may not be in their options.

The stats is astonishing that every four seconds a phone is accidentally dropped where from a simple fall,a pool or a story high building, and it’s a well known fact that everyone mostly purchase a phone they cherish and save their business and personal stuff in it.

event of cracking up the screen everyone almost start to look out for the better surrounding inexpensive repair shop,which the is non!, and if it’s the repair costs may sound to good to be true then it probably is,and so many people had came up during the beeklans survey data,and we found out many young or old pupils being robbed of their right to quality and professional repair service by incompetent or just undocumented dodgy sole proprietorship shops.

Beeklans during this surveys and data collection,has came with the expertise of directory landing (outsourcing) and bringing it to the repair industry.its a simple procedure as the internet is the fastest growing mechanisms changing human lives.

The Klan movement had begun and it starts by getting familiar with the name beeklans,and with a internet connection,you right away of making your first purchase to quality factory standard AAA approved and with every product being QC individually checked from our partners to be shipped to your address or deciding on a repair shop near you which our support team will outsource using our directory landing system of country wide selected partnered repair shops with beeklans to help you out in fixing your phone to be good as new.

Sole proprietorship shops can still be allowed on our system to sign up and getting recognised and further solving the issue of reaching customers in even more isolated areas.with the solution of forming a corporate and fair directory landing to our system repair shops country wide, customers can now decrease their of paying two-thirds of just fixing a damaged screen to just saving 20-60%, plus this of course is possible by providing coupons to our customers to fix their gadget screen to our selected country wide repair shops.

Beeklans was from the founders and co-founders to position itself in traffic directing of clients to country wide selected repair shops near you,yes you who’s reading this blog with a cracked screen.Beeklans was from the founders and co-founders to position itself in traffic directing of clients to country wide selected repair shops near you,yes you who’s reading this blog with a cracked screen.

with all the information explained what are you waiting for go visit our site at www.beeklans.co.za and browse the web and see if your premium, medium or entry level in stock and if not our team will be likely to assist you throughout the way until your assisted wherever you are in the country,just sign up and receive your weekly beeklans newsletter and notifications of new gadgetry accessory products as well.

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  1. all the time i used to read smaller content that also clear their motive, and that is also
    happening with this piece of writing which I am reading now.

  2. I like what beeklans aims at accomplishing, their business model is aim at meeting customers needs. Keep it up Klans

  3. Great service guys keep on adding more items other wise all great overall.

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